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To fulfil the will of God that “none of these little ones should be lost”- Matthew 18:14

Our Mission 

Bridging Church with family to guide children to Love God, Live like Christ and Confidently Lead like Christ.

Our Vision

To reach every child with the gospel – disciple, equip and encourage them to love and live a Christ centered life.

Our Priorities

  • Worship with family and friends
  • Understand about evangelism
  • Learn and develop life skills
  • Learn about Missions

Children Ministry Activities

Sunday School

The Sunday school is a core program of our KABA Ministry. Our goal is to speak to every child in a language according to their age, to increase their faith, strengthen families, build disciples and grow our relationship with Jesus. Sunday school caters to children between the ages of 4-18 years. Sunday school classes are conducted every Sunday morning from 7am-8am.

Children Evangelism Fellowship

Christian Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) or Children Church, KABA primarily focuses on teaching children the word of God and to instill Christian values among the children based on a specific syllabus with various real-life and bible stories. CEF also focuses on practical involvement of the children in various activities with a holistic aim to let them grow up as a responsible and a well-equipped Christian. Children Church are for children between the ages of 4-12 years. CEF begins at 11 am in the respective colonies during the Sunday devotion services. 

KABA Media Ministry for Children

The KABA Media Ministry for children was started to help, teach and lead kids to learn about Jesus through kid’s videos, music videos, animations, audio tracks and other multimedia tools. Through this ministry, professional media are produced to also promote the Ao-language and animated lessons on Sunday school curriculum, children Christian music and more.

Our Activities

Children (Sunday School & CEF Ministry combined)

  • Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring camps for Spiritual Awakening
  • AoOshi and Sobaliba celebration (Vernacular classes, traditional Sunday, Spelling Bee and more)
  • Summer Feast
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Other special Sundays throughout the year


  • Prayer meetings
  • Quarterly Fellowship
  • Training
  • Retreat


  • Seminars, distribution of books to encourage and facilitate parents for children’s holistic development.
  • Family Night and other events

Literature Ministry

The literature ministry is an important priority of KohimaAo Baptist Arogo (KABA). The literature ministry is supervised by the Associate Pastor, Christian Education and managed through different working committees. The purpose of the literature ministry is to make Christian literature available to individuals and families of KABA. We hope through the easy access of the books, periodicals and magazines, people will come to faith and grow in our understanding of God.

Church Library

We have a library where anyone can come and refer books for study purposes anytime during the Office hours.

Children Library

The children library is open every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and books can be borrowed for a week.

Church Bulletin

Church Bulletin is published quarterly where we provide Bible study lessons, sermons, testimonies, ministry reports and missional activities.

Anogoshia Chiyungtsü

This is the Ao version of the English Daily Bread. With Copyright permission, we have been translating the Daily Bread from English language to Ao language and is distributed to families since 2013.