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In humble adoration of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness, the Golden Jubilee committee on 9th February 1989, had prayerfully resolved that a holistic Centre which is the long felt need of the church be built to commemorate the event. Therefore in recognition of God’s faithfulness and to acknowledge His goodness and blessing, the Kohima Ao Baptist Church has undertaken construction of the Jubilee Memorial Centre to realize this vision and to remind us of our commitment made before God. Placed at a serene atmosphere, a stay at JMC offers a peaceful and friendly environment away from the business of everyday life. We are committed to serve, to minister to Churches and Christian organizations who wish to experience a place of peace, harmony and hospitality.


To serve, to minister to Churches and Church organizations. We are committed to providing a comforting and enjoyable environment so that our guests may be able to relax and focus on their missions.


 The centre is located at Lerie Colony, Kohima – a short drive from the main city. The centre can be located with the help of landmarks such as the Lerie Fellowship Ao Baptist Church on its west and St. Mary’s School on its south.

Meet Our Staffs

Our Staff looks forward to serving and meeting your needs for mission, rest, refreshment, recreation and renewal at JMC.

Mr. Lipokzulu

Mr. Lipokzulu


Mr. Lanumeri

Mr. Lanumeri


Mr. Alemwati

Mr. Alemwati




The centre has 7 Standard rooms containing 2 single beds, 4 deluxe rooms containing 2 Single beds, 2 Standard rooms containing 1 Single bed and 1 Executive room containing 1 Queen Single bed. Total number of rooms is 14 and total Capacity is 25. Bed linen and towels are provided in all the rooms.

  • Standard Double Bedded Rooms : 600 / day
  • Standard Single Bedded Rooms : 500 / day
  • Deluxe Double Bedded Rooms : 1000 / day
  • Deluxe Single Bedded Room : 1000 / day


The centre has a total of 4 Dormitories with attached bathrooms. 2 of these Dormitories, Regular (1 each for ladies and gents) accommodate 50 persons per dorm and 2 of these Dormitories, Standard (1 each for ladies and gents) accommodate 14 persons per dorm. Bed linen is provided in these dormitories. Total capacity of Dormitories is 128.

  • Standard Dormitories : 100 per person / day
  • Regular Dormitories : 80 per person / day

Conference Halls

The centre has 2 Conference Halls with capacities of 150 and 80 respectively. Both Halls are equipped with PA system, Projector, Screen, White board, Musical instruments and back-up Power supply.

  • Conference Hall 1 : 2000 / day(Inclusive of PA system)
  • Conference Hall 2 : 2500 / day(Inclusive of PA system)
    Additional Charges
  • Musical Instruments : 500 / day
  • Piano : 500 / day
  • Projector : 500 / day

Meeting Rooms

The centre has 2 Meeting rooms with capacities of 30 and 10 respectively.

  • Meeting Hall 1 (Capacity 30) : 1000 / day
  • Meeting Hall 2 (Capacity 10) : 500 / day