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In response to Christ’s Great Commission, the Kohima Ao Baptist Arogo started the mission work in the early part of 1963 with the formation of the Evangelistic Committee. After the great revival in 1977, KABA made the resolution in 1978 to become a mission oriented church; the church also constituted the Mission Board in 1977 with the purpose of taking the message of salvation outside of the church and reaching the unreached people with Christ’s love. KABA today has branched its mission to India, Cambodia, Thailand, Uzbekistan and Indonesia.

Our Mission Activities

Mishmi Agapi Mission

  • To reach the unreached with the gospel of Christ
  • To disciple the believers and strengthen the church.
  • To initiate human and leadership development.

Myanmar Naga Project

  • Leadership development
  • Scholarship for theological students
  • Salary support for Pastors and Evangelists

Mission Exposure Trip

  • To educate youths on mission work
  • To learn, experience and understand mission fields

Local Church Support

  • Salary support of Pastors
  • Donation of books to 5 smaller Ao churches every year

Outreach Ministry

  • Evangelizing to non Nagas, under privileged and children
  • Partnering and sponsorship of evangelists
  • Distribution of Bible to national and foreign mission fields since 2005

Human Development Programs

  • KABA scholarship to theological students and grants to theological institutions
  • Support to Clark Theological College
  • Mission camps for children
  • Mission projects to train and sponsor unemployed youths

Short Term Missionaries

  • To provide first-hand experience of mission work and spread the gospel
  • To teach and reach the slum children, to evangelize college students and to teach English

Social & Compassionate Ministry

  • Helping hand to the sick and needy
  • Regular free health clinic to underprivileged who cannot afford medical treatment

Mission Giving

  • 20% of KABA general income is given for missions

Mission Partner on National & International Ministry