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Understanding there was a need, the Women’s Fellowship was instituted on July 3, 1952 after a meeting with the church elders led by Pastor Bendangwati and a few chosen women. The first women’s fellowship was held at Mrs. Aiti’s residence in Mission Compound with twelve women under the banner “Unity in Christ”. Since there was no church building, the services was conducted in the residence of the families.

The Women’s Ministry since its inception has nurtured families through the Word of God, went beyond the church to provide salaries for Pastors and Evangelists; most importantly to the Eastern Churches. They have provided stipends to students of Bible Schools and Colleges. They have spread awareness about the various physical and mental affects of drug usage during the 1980’s and 1990’s where many youths used and abused drugs, their actions considered indispensable was acknowledged by the

Medical Department, Government of Nagaland with the pledge to continue the awareness drive.

Since the 1990’s, the Women’s Ministry worked with the aim of a Christ Centered Woman and to uplift the family and the idea of holistic Ministry took shape. One of the most important endeavours of this Ministry is the Learners Cell for homemakers and housewives which along with Christian education imparts housekeeping, home economy, Mother’s craft, etiquettes, cooking and baking. A holistic ministry is conducted along such lines for a week in every fellowship. Then, the Sanctuary Flower Club was founded in 2000 which takes care of decorations and flower arrangements in all church services. The Women’s Ministry in spite of using a resource pool not tied with the main church, it understands Christ is the head of the Church and so they work hand in hand with the entire church.

Ministry Activities

  1. Spiritual Awakening annually
  2. Family/Widows/Couples/Single
  3. Mother’s seminars
  4. Christian Women Leadership
  5. Building Training
  6. Bible study
  7. Holistic Ministry
  8. Gospel tour

Literature Ministry

A bi-annual magazine called “Tetsür Miim Shiti” was started in 2000 and continues to be published with the aim to reach to all women in KABA.